Arizona Elite Cleaners, LLC - A complete home cleaning service with amazing results
Our house cleaning services is unlike the competition. We are a complete cleaning service, providing all equipment and cleaning supplies. A highly trained staff to provide amazing cleaning results in your home. 
We'll clean microwave inside and out, other appliances such as Coffee maker, Toaster, Blender, Hood Range, Stove, Refrigerator and Dishwasher will also be cleaned and sanitized. We'll change your trash bag, wipe down your counter tops, kitchen cabinets and apply polish.  
At the customer request, we can service inside Kitchen cabinets, Stove, Refrigerator and Dishwasher for an additional charge.
housekeeping serviceNext area of your home, living room and/or dining room. We'll dust everything, attempt to remove wall scuffs or markings, clean all  your baseboards, mini blinds or wood shutters, window edge, ceiling fans, vacuum furniture and apply polish to all your furniture where needed.
At this point your home is above half way completed. So what's next? bedroom

kitchen painting service 
We make your bed, change linen if needed, dust and vacuum.

restroom cleaning service Lets walk to the bathroom.
We'll make sure is sanitized, clean and fresh. Our team will shine, change and sparkle your sink, tub, walls, mirror(s), lights, toilet, Jacuzzi, counter tops and shower door.
Yes, we clean appliances in your laundry room too.
dusting and cleaning master bedroomAs we get ready to finish our assignment, everything is double checked by our staff. We will spot check areas, making sure everything is fresh, clean and polished. We're ready to sweep and mop your home and move on
to our next assignment. 
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